Education Sector

In most educational organisations large volumes of paper and electronic documents must be produced, edited and managed in some way – often to very tight deadlines.

Our team includes editors and writers with broad experience in roles that range from secondary school principal and tertiary senior manager to department head and classroom practitioner.

Together we present an extensive capability, and outsourcing to us is a cost-effective strategy to smooth the work flows for your staff. Avoiding the bottlenecks that inevitably occur when one group of staff is waiting for others to complete an editing task, and reducing some of the extra paperwork that a busy staff is required to cope with at peak times, may do wonders for staff morale.

Our various editing engagements have included editing the following: course materials and related documentation; student reports; NZQA applications; policy statements; annual reports; magazines; newsletters; curriculum vitae and covering letters; journal articles; postgraduate papers; formal letters and other communications; and website content.

Managing Editor