Corporate & Government

Our experience and skill base enables us to work with you on any editing or writing project.

Led by Managing Editor David Huddle, this team offers editing and writing services across all aspects of corporate and management communication.

The recent addition of Lee Brehaut to the group has extended our range of competencies in working with central and regional government. Lee brings over twenty years of experience in journalism, management, editorial and advisory roles in such bodies.

We take pride in being more than just a contractor and pursue a broader role as trusted advisers on all aspects of a client's organisational writing. We take the time to the time to get to know clients and their organisations and to understand the realities of their operation.

Our various editing engagements have included editing the following: proposals and tenders; grant applications; procedural manuals; annual reports; company websites and blogs; research reports-including dealing with quantum; information-only reports; standard letters, press releases, company newsletters and form letters; and individual managers' personal writing, such as business correspondence and job applications.

Managing Editor