Small and Medium Enterprise

The harsh reality of business is that we have to do and make things and then sell them at a profit. All other tasks just add to our costs

Research spanning several decades has identified written communication skills as crucial for business success.

Further, most business owners know that good writing makes good business sense. For example, whether in a brochure or on a website, good copy will promote sales, and a well-written instruction manual will add to the consumer’s perception of value.

The reverse may also be true.

Together, our SME team combines extensive editorial capability with a first-hand knowledge of business and can provide clients with a fresh perspective on cost-effective solutions to producing good written material.

Our various editing and writing engagements have included the following: proofreading, copy-editing and rewriting documents; writing and editing advertising copy; search engine optimisation of website content; tender documents; quality and compliance documents – including ISO standards; technical manuals; trade journal articles and press releases; newsletters; policy documents; business letters; annual reports; staff resumes; speeches; business plans; business research and fact checking; proposals and feasibility studies; corporate histories; translations; and staff training/mentoring.

Managing Editor