Project management

Larger or more complex writing projects that involve a number of writers working together can be challenging.

For example, expert input may be required from two or more in-house specialists who may not be in the same building, the same city or even the same country. Where specialist knowledge is not available internally, specialist writers may need to be located and their contribution secured under a contract for service.

If your organisation has set up an access account with us, then the technology you need to be able to coordinate a complex project is already available to you.  Simply let us know your needs, and ask us about arranging logins for your key people. Managing such a project requires time however, and will inevitably tie up some of your management resources. So why not also talk to us about our coordinating the project for you?

We will bring your team together online then find and negotiate contracts with qualified specialist writers if they are needed. We will negotiate and formalise deadlines with your team members, who will be able to work with files on our server 24/7: from almost anywhere in the world and from almost any device. We will then manage the workflows, editing and integrating the drafts as we go, to produce a finished document that will have come in on time and within budget.

If the final document is to be published electronically, we can handle that too.

Just outline your project to us and let us come back to you with our solution.

Managing Editor